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Borobudur Holiday Tours and travel Services is reliable Indonesian tour operator established 1996 and located in Jogjakarta offers customized tour packages, transport hire with driver service. Having good experiences since 1996 in providing tour services for domestic customers from all Indonesia and overseas customers from Malaysia, Singapore, Belgium, China, Japan, Taiwan, India, Dutch, France, Spain, Italy, Australia, USA and all over the world.

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BOROBUDUR HOLIDAY has good experiences to serves better customers
Tours to visit Jogjakarta such as Jogjakarta City Tour, Prambanan Half Day Tour,Timang Island One Day Tour, Dieng Plateau Tour,
Tours to visit Borobudur such as Borobudur Prambanan One Day Tour from Jogjakarta, Borobudur Half Day Tour, Borobudur One Day Tour for Cruise Ship passenger (special for cruise ships passengers dock at Semarang Port), Borobudur Sunrise Tour
Tours to visit Mount Bromo such as Jogjakarta Bromo Surabaya tour, Jogjakarta Bromo Ijen Bali Tour, Bromo Day Tour from Surabaya Port , Bromo Midnight From Surabaya.

If your tour as you wish it doesn’t exist in list, you could request to customize your tours, please contact us

Transport Service
Borobudur Holiday offers transport service / car rental to discover tourist destinations in Java Island with English speaking drivers, with using all types vans in good maintenance and good air-condition such as: MPV Toyota Innova, Toyota Avanza, Daihatsu Xenia use for 1 to 5 people, Mini bus Isuzu Elf o Toyota Hi Ace for group of 5 to 10 people, Medium Sized Bus or tourist bus on request, See our transport price list

Payment Method
We accept all payment mode from cash payment with IDR US$ EURO Pound and others bank notes, also payment online payment using PayPal or preferable using WISE, we not accept payment by credit card temporary.

Tour in Covid19 pandemic period
during covid19 pandemic period same tourist destination will open later and close earlier, Borobudur Temple and Prambanan Temple will open at 0900 and close at 15.00, our service will follow tourist destinations schedule, and to keep safe our customers, we provide o teams (drivers and tour guide) in good health always provide covid19 gears: face mask, hand sanitizer.

Recommended Tours

Borobudur Sunrise Tour at Setumbu Hill

Borobudur tour  from Jogjakarta, this tour start by departure from your hotel in Jogjakarta in early in the morning directly to Borobudur Temple to see sunrise on the top of Borobudur temple, and then continue to visit Borobudur Temple to see Buddha life’s story at second lever, and 42 Stupa with one biggest stupa as mother stupa at third level,

tour itineraries
03.30 pick up from your hotel in Jogjakarta transfer directly to Setumbu hill
04.30 arrive in Borobudur, after get the entrance ticket climb up to top toSetumbe Hill to enjoy the sunrise 
05.00 Enjoy the Sunrise, see the magnificent panoramic view around the Borobudur temple
06.00  Driving to Borobudur Temple the Buddha temple. Arrive at the Borobudur, getting entrance ticket and walking passing through the garden to the temple, to see the first level, the only level where the visitors allow to see Borobudur temple from all directions (during covid-19 pandemic the visitors are not allow to climb up to the top of the temple where we can see the mother Stupa )
07.30 back to Manohara to take morning café
08.00 transfer to Jogjakarta on the way you may stop over on the Mendut temple (where 3 the temple with big statue temple in one stone are)
10.00 arrive back at Hotel In Jogjakarta. End of service

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Borobudur One Day Tour from Semarang Port

Semarang Port is the main sea port in Central Java, location where all cruise ships dock, and location from where your can visit to Borobudur temple, ancienzt Buddhist temple, the biggest one in the world built at 8th century, well know as biggest Buddhist temple registered by UNESCO.
We offer all cruse ship passengers, very recommended whole day tour is private tour or sharing group tour designed especially for cruise ships passengers docking at Semarang cruise Port to visit Borobudur Temple

Tour itinerary as followed:
08.00. or later, meeting service with our staff and driving directly to Borobudur Temple, passing through toll ways and cities ways need approx. 2,5 hour.
10.30. to 12.00 Arrive at the Borobudur, getting entrance ticket and walking passing through the garden to the temple, to see the first level, the only level where the visitors allow to see Borobudur temple from all directions (during covid-19 pandemic the visitors are not allow to climb up to the top of the temple where we can see the mother Stupa )
14.00.Going back to Semarang Port
16.00.Arrive at Semarang Port drop off to your ship, End of journey and service

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Borobudur and Prambanan Temples in One Day Tour

In Jogjakarta there are 2 mains “must visit ” tourist destinations that are: Borobudur temple is the biggest Buddhist temple in the world built at 8th century, well known as UNESCO Monument, located only 45km from Jogjakarta City or 1.5 hours from the city central and Prambanan Temple ancient biggest Hindu temple built at 8th century and located 17 km on eastern side of Jogjakarta City, BOROBUDUR HOLIDAY offer tour to visit Borobudur Temple and Prambanan Temple in whole day tour,

Tour itineraries as followed
07.00 – Upon arrival at Adi Sucipto airport, or From NYA, or pick up from your hotel hotel in Jogjakarta meeting your tour guide then drive direct to Borobudur temple, the biggest Buddhist temple in the world built at 8th century. We not allow to climb up to Borobudur Temple, but can see the statues with different hand positions from 4 different angles, we can see on the open basement a piece of relief from the Mahakaramawibangga story (stories that contain the moral teachings of cause-and-effect), and take pictures with the whole temple as the background.
13. 00 Driving to Prambanan Temple, stop over on the way at Mendut Temple the small Buddhis temple where there are inside three biggest statues
14.00 – Visiting Prambanan Temple the most beautiful Hindu temple in Java built at 9th century, where we could visit Temples dedicated for the main gods in Hinduism, Brahma, Siva and Vishnu and see the Ramayana Story depicting on the wall of the temples.
17.00 – Transfer back to hotel or to Airport for onward flight. End of service

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Borobudur Half day Tour from Jogjakarta

Borobudur temple Half Day Tour start from Jogjakarta in the morning (pick up hotel or from Airport) to visit Borobudur temple The biggest Buddhist temple in the world built at 8th century, going back to Jogjakarta in middle day stop over at Pawon and Mendut temples.

Why traveler should take Borobudur Half Day Tour ?
1. Private tour, private transport
2. Flexible itineraries, and timing
3. Relaxable tour

Tour itineraries
07.00 – Depart from Jogjakarta (pick up from hotel in Jogjakarta or from Airport ) and drive to north west of Jogjakarta.
08.30 – Arrive at Borobudur temple and after getting entrances ticket and then walk across the beautiful garden to temple, to see the temple from 4 sides with buddha statues in different hands position.Borobudur Temple compound by 3 levels first level called as Kamadatu the symbolized of desire life, and then to second level called as Rupadatu, where the reliefs of the life of Buddha and third levels the higher level that called as Arupadatu location where 72 Stupas and 1 biggest one as crown of the Borobudur Temple
11.30 – Back to Jogjakarta stop over at Pawon Temple where we could see Luwak Coffee production and Mendut where there are 3 big buddha statues and on the eastern of Borobudur temple
13.00 – Arrive at hotel End of Service.

1. Transport with with air conditioned coach
2. Entrances Tickets to Borobudur temple
3. English speaking Tour guide or on languages requested
4.  Mineral Water bottled

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Prambanan Half Day Tour From Jogjakarta

A half day tour is a half day tour to visit Prambanan temples the ancient biggest Hindu temple  of 9th century, compound by Brahma Siva and Vishnou Temples, where we can see relief Ramayana and Krisna’s stories depicting on the temples walls. Tour start in the morning, depart from your hotel or airport back to Jogjakarta in middle day.

Tour itineraries:
07.00 Depart from Jogjakarta (pick up from hotel in Jogjakarta) transfer to Prambanan Temple
08.30 Arrive at the complex of Prambanan  temple that compound 3 big temple that dedicated to their mains gods Brahma, as creator, Siva destructor and Vishnu protector ,  by starting by visiting Brahma and Siva temple where the relief of Ramayana Story story of price Rama and Sinta depicting on the wall and Story of Krisna dicting on the Vishnu temple, if your time permit you can visit also the Sewu the complex of Buddhist temple on the north side of Prambanan temple
12.30 Arrive at hotel End of Service

1. Transport with private car or bus with air conditioned
2. Entrances fees
3. English speaking Tour guide or on languages requested
4. Mineral Water bottled

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Timang Island One Day Tour from Jogjakarta

Timang Island located at Tepus Village at Gunung Kidul regency , and faced to Indian Ocean that offers then beautiful coastal view. offer light adventure riding jeep on rocky route, and drain your adrenalin with walking on cable bridge or cable cart to reach Timang island, BOROBUDUR HOLIDAY offers Whole day Tour from Jogjakarta to Timang Island

Tour itinerary as followed
07.00 pick up from your hotel in Jogjakarta and drive to Gunungkidul
10.00 arrive at Tempus Village, lavation where we should change our transport with local jeep
11.00 arrive at Timang Beach, visitor could choose two options to reach Timang island: by cable cart the powered by people or by cable bridge passing the powerful Ocean wave.
13.00 on the way visitors may take lunch at local restaurant with sea food as main menu
14.00 Going back to Jogjakarta, visitors may make a top on the pines forest
16.00 arrive at Jogjakarta, end of service

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Jogyakarta Bromo Surabaya 2 Days Tour

Mt Bromo is an active volcano, the main tourist destination in East Java, a mountain with wide caldera, reachable easier from Jogjakarta by land, BOROBUDUR HOLIDAY offer long trip Tour start from Jogjakarta to Bromo by land, in 2 days 1 night to see sunrise and panoramic view from higher peak, walking on the sand to visit Bromo Crater and transfer to Surabaya,

Tour itinerary as followed

Day 1 Yogyakarta to Bromo
A long trip, by departing from Yogyakarta in the morning to Bromo passing through tollway arrive at afternoon stay overnight at Bromo 

Day  02 Bromo Sunrise tour and Transfer to Surabaya 
03.00 Morning call, start tour by take jeep 4×4 to climb up to Penanjakan Peak where the people see the sunrise and to enjoy the beauty of panoramic view Mt Bromo and Mt Semeru as seen in the photos.
06.00 Then proceed to Mt. Bromo crater through the shimmering sea of sand where Pura Luhur Ponten located, from Jeep parking and climbing up 250 stairs to rim of Bromo crater (during Covid 19 Pandemic, visitors not allowed to climb up 250 stairs to visit the Mt Bromo crater)
09.00 After having breakfast and taking a bath in a hotel, you will be transferred to Surabaya
15.00 arrive at the airport end of service.

Furter information about this tour

Jogjakarta Bromo Ijen Bali 5 Days Tour

Tour start from Jogjakarta to visit Borobudur temple Prambanan Temple and the Bromo Tour to see sunrise, panorama view and climb up 250 stairs to see Bromo Crater and then to Ijen Crater in Banyuwangi to see blues fire , huge acid lake, sulfur porters and then transfer to Bali

Tour itineraries
Day 01. Arrival at Yogyakarta airport Pick up and visit Prambanan Temple
On arrival in Yogya, pick up
12.00 visit magnificent hindu temple Prambanan the biggest hindu temple in Java .  Overnight at a hotel in Yogyakarta . 

Day 02.Yogyakarta Sightseeing City Tour – Borobudur Temple Tour 
08.00 Morning, proceed Yogyakarta City Sightseeing Tour with visiting Kraton (Sultan’s Palace), Bird Market, Water Castle, Batik Home Industry and Silversmith at Kotagede with its processing and beautiful collections.
12.00 Tour to BOROBUDUR Temple (Visit Borobudur), tour include Mendut and Pawon temple. transfer to hotel stay overnight

DAY 03. Yogyakarta to Bromo 
06.45 Take morning train from Yogyakarta at Surabaya arrival at 11.40 pick at Surabaya up and transfer to Bromo stay overnight at Bromo 

DAY 04. Bromo Sunrise tour and Transfer to Banyuwangi Stay overnight
Morning call at 03.00 AM for Bromo Tour, to start Bromo Tour and your journey, week up early at 03.30 AM by Jeep 4×4 to enjoy the beauty of nature and the splendid BROMO SUNRISE at Mt. Penanjakan (2700 m). Then proceed to Mt. Bromo crater through the sea of sand. After Bromo tour, back to hotel for breakfast & taking a bath in hotel, you will be transferred to Banyuwangi

DAY 05.  Kawah Ijen Trekking tour and transfer to Bali
00.30 am  depart from the hotel to Mt. Ijen. to Ijen Crater 
02.00 arrive at Paltuding Start Point meeting with tour guide and climb up to the rim of Ijen Crater
03.00 Enjoy Blue fire until sunrise ad the see the huge acid water lake 
06.00 Trekking down from Kawah Ijen peak to rejoin the coach in Paltuding and going back to hotel  
09.00 drive to Ketapang, Banyuwangi, the ferry port, to cross the Bali strait to Gilimanuk port of Bali island. 12.00 Transfer to your hotel in Bali by our local bali transport

Further information about this tour

Price list transport service 2022, 

using good private air conditioned MPV such as Toyota Avanza or similar conducted by helpfully drivers to assist you tour itineraries

Transport Services from JogjakartaPrice
Jogjakarta to New Jogjakarta AirportIDR300.000
Jogjakarta New Airport to hotels in BorobudurIDR300.000
Borobudur Prambanan Tour (One Day)IDR500.000
Borobudur Sunrise Tour (Half Day)IDR400.000
Borobudur Sunrise and Prambanan TourIDR500.000
Borobudur One day tourIDR550.000
Borobudur Merapi and Prambanan TourIDR850.000
Jogjakarta Timang beach, Pindul, PenggerIDR650.000
Jogjakarta Jomblang cave, Timang BeachIDR650.000
Jogjakarta to Dieng PlateauIDR650.000
Jogjakarta Sukuh Cetho templesIDR650.000
Jogjakarta to SemarangIDR950.000
Jogjakarta to JeparaIDR1200.000
Jogjakarta Bromo Surabaya (2 days)IDR2.600.000
Jogjakarta Bromo Ijen Crater Bali (3 days)IDR3.250.000
Jawa Bali Overland Tour (daily price)IDR850.000
1. Driver1. Parking fees
2. Fuel / Gasoline2. Tolls fees
3. Meal and Hotel for driver3. Ferry boat Fees (for long trip to Bali only)
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