Amazing Borobudur Sunrise Tour from Yogyakarta



Borobudur Temple is the largest ancient Buddhist temple in the world, which is compounded level by level: first, the second level, where we can see Buddha’s life story depicted on the wall of this temple, and visit the third level, where we can see 72 stupas, with the biggest one being the mother stupa.

Dagi is a hill located 200 meters from Borobudur temple. Inside the complex of Borobudur temple, located on the north of Borobudur Temple, is the best alternative. Now is one location to see the sunrise  that offers a scenic panorama similar to the panorama sunrise view seen from there.

How does Borobudur Sunrise tour work?

Borobudur Tour by departing early in the morning from Jogjakarta to climb up to the summit of Dagi Hill, where visitors could watch the sunrise, enjoy a panorama view, and then take a morning café break, then continue to go to Borobudur Temple,

Why tourists should take Borobudur Sunrise tour

  • Private Tour, Private transport no need to wait for the other
  • Flexible tour itineraries and Timing
  • Heritage tour, visiting the ancient Borobudur before gate open for public

Tour Itineraries

Step 1 Borobudur Sunrise Tour

  • 03.30: We pick you up from your hotel or other location in Jogjakarta and need 90 minutes to transfer directly to Borobudur.
  • 04.30: Arrive at the gate and get the entrance ticket. Climb up to the top of Dagi Hill to wait and enjoy the sunrise.
  • 05.00: After sunrise, Take a coffee break and the walk to Borobudur Temple.

Step 2 Borobudur Tour

  • 06.00: Get the entrance ticket at the entrance gate, then walk through the beautiful gardens and up the stairs to reach the courtyard around Borobudur Temple. We can see the statues with different hand positions from four different angles; we can see on the open basement a piece of relief from the Mahakaramawibangga story (stories that contain the moral teachings of cause and effect); and we can take pictures with the whole temple as the background. Walking up to the second level, where we can watch the story of Buddha’s life depicted on the wall, and then to the third level, where we can watch the 72 stupas arranged in circular mode, with the big one in the center as the mother stupa, which symbolizes the perfect life.
  • 08.00: Goin down to Manohara and the Leaving Borobudur temple, and then Transfer back to Jogjakarta. On the way, you may stop over at Pawon Temple and the Mendut Temple (a small Buddhist temple where three big Buddhist statues are located inside).
  • 10.00: Arrive in Jogjakarta and transfer to your hotel. End of service and your journey


  • Transport (van driver fuel and parking fees)
  • Entrances Tickets to visit the temple from its yard
  • Tour Guide English speaking or spoken language on request


  • Ticket to climb to top of Borobudur Temple
  • All Personal Expenses
  • Tours and services that not mentioned as above

Price List

How much does Borobudur Sunrise tour from Yogyakarta cost ?

MembersUSDPrice Per Person
Note The price may change without notice; to get a discounted price, please contact us

How to book this tour ?

  • Please send the following details: date, total person, and location where we should pick you up. 
  • We will send you official invoice and instructions for payment.
  • Tour service will ready after you proceed payment

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