Setumbu Sunrise and Borobudur Tour from Jogjakarta

Setumbu hill, located 2 km on the north of Borobudur Temple is best alternative location to see sunrise, that offers a scenic panorama similar as panorama sunrise view seen from top Setumbu Hill.

Borobudur Holiday offer tour by depart early in the morning from Jogjakarta, to Setumbu hill, climb up to summit see sunrise and continue go to Borobudur Temple to see level by level first, second level where we can see Buddhas life story depiction on the wall of this temple and visit the third levels where we can see 72 stupas with 1 the biggest one as mother stupa.

Tour itinerary is as followed:
03.30 – Pick you up from your hotel or other location in Jogjakarta and need 90 minutes to transfer directly to Setumbu Hill
04.30 – arrive in at gaet of Steumbu Hill , after get the entrance ticket climb up to top to s Setumbu Hill to wait and enjoy the sunrise
05.00 – After Sunrise driving to Borobudur Temple
06.00 – get the entrance ticket at entrances gate, then walk through the beautiful gardens, up the stairs to reach the courtyard around Borobudur Temple. We are not allowed to go up to the temple, but from the courtyard around, we can see the statues with different hand positions from 4 different angles, we can see on the open basement a piece of relief from the Mahakaramawibangga story (stories that contain the moral teachings of cause-and-effect), and take pictures with the whole temple as the background.
08.00 – Leaving Borobudur temple and then Transfer back to Jogjakarta, on the way you may stop over on Pawon Temple and the Mendut temple (small Buddhist temple where three big Buddhist statues located inside)
10.00 – Arrive at Jogjakarta and transfer to your hotel. End of service and your journey

Tour inclusions
1. Transport
2. Entrances Tickets
3. Tour Guide English speaking or spoken language on request

Further information and book this tour please contact us